Friday, 19 April 2013

REVIEW: Sick, Sad World - Polar Bears in Purgatory

Having spent a few years in an indie bubble, I've been open to so much more in the past year that has allowed me to discover such things as Scottish pop-punk! Yes, you read that right. 

My teenage years were full of pop-punk and ska but I haven't touched the genres properly since those days, but thanks to Ayr's Polar Bears in Purgatory I can be sure that I will be going out in search of more of what's on offer.

The Polar Bears debut album is 17 tracks, featuring a lot of short and sweet tracks but they still do a great job making an impact and there's enough catchy hooks in there to keep you coming back for more. Surprisingly though, it's the longer tracks such as 'Supernova', 'Titanium Heart' and 'Square Peg/Round Hole' that are the stronger material on the release.

If there was ever an album for beer and friends and the summer (if we get one), then this might just be it. Certainly an album you can drink to, with all the pop-punk glory of your teens when you couldn't actually do that (or maybe I just missed that part). 

You can buy Sick, Sad World for a mere £5 on bandcamp and if you get the chance, check these guys out gigging near you as it's a damn good show.

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