Friday, 26 April 2013

EP REVIEW: Antipathy - GUMS!

Describing themselves as a tenuous super group with members from Orphans, Collar Up and The Plimptons (RIP), GUMS! return with a new free EP this month. 

The 6-track 'Antipathy' is loud and proud, and features many catchy hooks that could win over even the harshest critic. 

The EP showcases the band's ability to delicately balance the vocals, and put each of their vocal talents to right uses. All three vocalists are given a chance to shine and each song is backed with infectious guitars that will have the listener bopping along. 

'New Year' has particularly catchy hooks and is the early highlight of the EP. 'Function Suite' has a slow build before 30 seconds in, it becomes loud and proud and a big anthem. 'Luckless Days' gives the lone female vocal a chance to shine, with lyrics that we can all connect with. The finale 'Dancing in Your Room' leads to doing just that, making it the standout indie pop track on the EP. 

You can get 'Antipathy' for free now on bandcamp.

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