Friday, 5 April 2013

GIG REVIEW - Where We Lay Our Heads single launch, Brave Young Red & Shambles Miller at Broadcast 02/04/2013

The dark yet cosy confines of Broadcast was host to another launch night on Tuesday evening when the stage was graced by Where We Lay Our Heads to release new single 'Keanu Leaves' in style. 

The bar was set in the banter, and music, stakes as the night opened with Shambles Miller, who quickly got the crowd on side with his witty remarks and folk-pop tunes. It's hard to dislike a guy who carries only one t-shirt to sell at his gigs and has song entitled 'Chris Brown is a cunt (and Mike has some issues)'. Even when he messed up during his single 'Confessions', he saved it and the crowd went along with him. Few Glasgow acts can offer such witty reparte along with their live show and, for this reason, I'll certainly be attending more Shambles shows in the future.

Taking up the task of following Shambles and warming up the crowd for the headliners were Ayr's Brave Young Red. Fresh off their own EP release within the last month the majority of their setlist is made up of songs from 'Roots', the highlight of the set being when they slow things down for 'Footprints', which made this blogger thankful that they were sans an acoustic guitar for the set allowing them to dip into this track. The banter may not quite have reached Shambles' levels but there is certainly promise in this band, and I'd be fine if the acoustic guitar missed a few more gigs if we got performances like that of 'Footprints'.

The room has filled up and the crowd are settled in as our headliners take the stage just before half ten. Playing a balanced set of new and old, Where We Lay Our Heads bring in spring (finally!) with their folk-pop infused songs and keep Broadcast bopping through the full set. New single and the reason we were all there, 'Keanu Leaves' anchors the set and is the definitie highlight, whilst the new tracks played prove that there is much more to come from this band.  They may not be as good at the talking thing in between songs as their support acts but they can certainly claim to be an accomplished live act whose talent and promise is going to take them places.

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