Tuesday, 16 April 2013

EP REVIEW: Bring Us Together - Mono Six

One of the many great bands on the A Quiet Night In - mini festival takeover that proved such a success earlier this month, Mono Six opened proceedings at the ABC2 and closed the after-party at Flat 0/1. Unfortunately I missed both performances but have since gotten hold of their debut EP, which is well worth a mention.

Based out of Falkirk, Mono Six are a loud and proud indie rock band who I suspect you will be hearing more of in the not too distant future. Their debut EP 'Bring Us Together' is a 6-track player with which the band make their mark. 

The EP features catchy hooks (particularly in 'We Were Electric' and 'God in Exile'), big guitars and a distinct style, that whilst it has clear influences from rock contemporaries, makes the band stand out in a crowded field. There's an energetic opener in 'Waiting to Fall' that makes an immediate impact on the listener and the two-part finale 'Records and Stories' is a slow builder in Part I displaying a different side of the band, whilst part II picks the pace right back up and closes the EP strongly.

This EP seems to have dropped fairly quietly in the latter part of last year and it's available via iTunes for under a fiver. I highly doubt this band's next release will be so under the radar, definitely ones to watch.

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