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GIG REVIEW: Luke Sital-Singh at The Art School, 21/04/2013

Any rules I may have set when I started this blog are perhaps more like guidelines (if you get that reference, we'll be good friends) . Therefore since this gig took place in Scotland and featured a Scottish artist on the billing, it will get to feature. 

The underground Art School venue was home to a wonderful showcase of talent on Sunday night. They may have just been three guys wailing with guitars (not my words!) but they have a strong grasp of their craft and lots to offer. 

First to take the stage was young Sam Fender from Newcastle. For an 18-year old he already has amazing talent, and whilst still quite raw he's able to stun an audience with his performance. He's already got the on-stage banter of a well-toured musician which got the crowd on his side early on and his songs about love, life and politics are woven with lyrical genius and show that in the right hands a simple acoustic guitar can be a hugely versatile instrument. This kid is one to watch, he's definitely got something special.

luke sital singh 005
Photo by Fiona McKinlay
Having to follow up young Sam would be a hard task for most but Michael Cassidy takes it all in stride. One of the most talked about upcoming Scottish singer-songwriters I was very excited to see Michael for the first time and he did not disappoint, giving a performance that shows his strong lyrical talent, as well as getting the crowd on side with in-between song banter. In a crowded field of folk musicians in Scotland these days, Michael manages to standout and make an impact with his emphasis on melody and incredible lyrical talent. He puts on a wonderful live show and will certainly be playing bigger shows himself soon.

All the way from London, tonight's show was headlined by Luke Sital-Singh. I hadn't heard of Luke prior to this show but I will happily count myself as one of his fans from here on out. His performance is powerful as he presents heartfelt songs that immediately make a connection with the audience. With songs from everything to his parents and whale love songs, we witness a full range of his abilities and the strong lyrical talent he has. Joking that he's brought a calorie counter on tour to show his parents that being a musician is really tough job are amongst the highlights of the night on the banter side, and here's hoping the Glasgow show did allow him to final break the 3000-a day calories burned target he'd set himself. Luke is on a upward trajectory and I am glad I was able to catch him in such an intimate setting because bigger shows are definitely in his future. 

I went to this gig on a whim after hearing some chatter via the social networks and I am so very glad that I did as I was able to three performers who are well on their way to being the 'Next Big Thing'. Getting to spend your Sunday night being awed by the musical talents of such lovely guys as these three was definitely a great choice in the end.

Photo by Fiona McKinlay.

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