Monday, 8 April 2013

GIG REVIEW - A Quiet Night In mini take-over festival at The Art School

Building on the success of other multiple venue events (such as the excellent Stag & Dagger), A Quiet Night In - mini take-over festival took place on Saturday and showcased some of the best alternate acts that Scotland has to offer. It also did so in venues all within a 5 minute walk of my flat, so that gets my vote.

As a lazy blogger, and person in general, and having weighed up the line-up I chose to stick my night out at The Art School. I walk past this place every day but it was my first time checking it out, nice and cosy confines. 

First up were Aberdeen's The Little Kicks, who played to a mostly quiet room but their indie pop tunes were well received by those in attendance. The two songs they played from their forthcoming album, due out later this year, were particularly promising. Ending on a little bit of self-promotion, they go out on a high note with 'Call of Youth', which is available for free via Bandcamp.

Next up The Art School was treated to an alternate rock show from Glasgow's Campfires in Winter.  With an adoring crowd filling out the room, the band put on a rousing show and bring the previously very quiet room to life. New single 'White Lights' goes down a particular treat and we can be sure there's a lot more to come from these guys in the future. 

It was then the turn of Edinburgh's Capitals, not to be confused with the hockey team of the same name. With some alcohol having flowed and the band providing the right pulsing beats, The Art School was for a short time turned into a dance floor and there were many happy people during this set. Bringing a more electronic flavour to the evening Capitals provide a strong view of the genre and leave the room with brilliant aurora of goodness as they depart.

Topping off the evening were Song of Return, a Glasgow band who have been on the rise and rise in the past year. The packed out room is treated to an extremely polished show from a band with dark and intense sounds, the sky is clearly not the limit for them. With something going at every level, from unsettling vocals to the quiet build-ups of bass and drums all put on an electronic backdrop and it's got a particularly powerful effect in live performance. They definitely left their mark on Glasgow last night.

Even though, I only attended one venue having heard from bands and punters who went around the others it's clear that A Quiet Night In - mini festival take-over was a brilliant success and I look forward to more in the future.

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