Friday, 12 April 2013

REVIEW - Have Plenty of Fun - Fake Major

From the ashes of Endor (the Glasgow band, not the Star Wars planet), rises Fake Major and their debut EP. Made up of David McGinty and Richard Ferguson, this latest project launched in early February and has been steadily making waves in the Scottish scene. 'Have Plenty of Fun' is a 4-track player that is surely going to see them rise further.

The opening track is 'Little Researcher', which was released as the band launched and came with a brilliant music video (you can watch below). This track works as an excellent first taster of this new project and it's certainly pleasing but it's not the best that this EP has to offer.

The strongest songs on EP are the two middle tracks, 'Fiction' and 'Cotton and Ink', both of which are lyrically stunning and have the beautifully arranged, and mastered, layers of sound to match. They may be indie pop tunes but they pack a punch and it is these tracks specifically that I believe are give the best impression of what we can come to expect from Fake Major in the future. 'Cotton and Ink' is one of the best tracks I've heard this year so far, the lyrics shine through as the music becomes much more of a backdrop but as the track builds to its close, we are treated to layers of beautifully sonic guitars, pianos, drums and a violin and lyrics you'll be singing back in no time.

The closer 'Love in the Mundane' has some of my favourite lyrics on the EP and could certainly be a hit indie pop single. It is a toe-tapping folk tune but with the elements that maje Fake Major stand out, making it much more than just another song from another Glasgow indie-folk band. It is anything but mundane.

'Have Plenty of Fun' is a masterful debut EP, showing lots of promise and already establishes Fake Major as a band to watch out for. With this release they are not likely to stay a hidden gem for long.

'Have Plenty of Fun' will be released by Comets and Cartwheels, physically on April 20th and digitally on May 1st.

Fake Major will be playing in-stores in Dundee (Groucho's), Edinburgh (Avalanche) and Glasgow (Love Music) on April 20th to celebrate the EP's release. And they will be performing as a full band, with members from We Were Promised Jetpacks, Bear Arms and other Glasgow bands joining the duo, at the Comets and Cartwheels showcase on May 31st at Govanhill Swimming Baths for Quickbeam's album launch.

Fake Major - Little Researcher from Comets And Cartwheels on Vimeo.

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