Friday, 14 June 2013

SINGLE REVIEW: Deadpool - Shambles Miller

With a release announcement for the new generation by Vine, the new single by Shambles Miller immediately caught my attention. And it doesn't let down either.

The 2-track single features title track 'Deadpool' and spoken word track 'My Common Sense is Tingling', both which show Shambles' typical genius but in massively different ways. 'Deadpool' is the musically comic fare that we all expect from Miller but it's got a lot of heart too. If you ever need a song about comic book characters that manages to tread the line of being typically miserable Scottish music but can make you smile at the same time then 'Deadpool' does all this in a spectacular way. 

The b-side spoken word track is a stand against the fat cats, and a much more eloquent speech than many politicians can manage. It's a strong statement, but with the Shambles brand of humour too. A very worthy b-side that makes you respect the man behind the music even more than you did before.

You can buy 'Deadpool', in physical form complete with a comic by Neil Slorance (or just plain digital form), via Bandcamp. And you can follow Shambles on Twitter and Tumblr.

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