Monday, 3 June 2013

GIG REVIEW: Quickbeam album launch at Govanhill Baths 31/05/2013

In the words of Comets and Cartwheels label runner, Paul Downie, "You have to do something different", and Friday night at the still-in-refurbishment Govanhill Baths was definitely different, and it was also a little bit special. 

Fake Major, performing as a full band with the addition of bass and drums, opened the label showcase. Despite the added sound, this is still a performance based around the dual vocals and lyrical genius of David McGinty and Richard Ferguson. Noting that this was their first time performing in a swimming pool, they manage to humour the crowd and celebrate the occasion. Performing a set based majorly around their first EP, 'Have Plenty of Fun', their sound carries through the cavernous space and reaches the already established crowd who fill out the room from the deep end right to the bar (provided by BrewDog) located in the shallow end and the set shows the talent and promise that this young band, formed out of the embers of Endor, have in spades. Not everyone can say they've heard some of their favourite tracks of the year in a disused swimming pool but, having been able to witness this Fake Major set, I happily can. I certainly can't wait to watch this band perform many times over.

Before the headline band take to the stage, we are treated to a cinematic theatrical performance based on images, music and shadow. It is quite spellbinding and acts as a beautiful build-up to what we are about to experience. 

Welcomed very warmly onto the stage at the deep end, Quickbeam inform us that they will be performing their entire debut album in order for us on this very special night and, if you didn't believe you were in a swimming pool before then the blue lighting gave the full effect. The performance comes complete with a film background that only adds to the already deeply layered tracks. It is an incredibly immersive show that has the ability to hold a packed out audience in rapture, they've certainly seen nothing like this before. The crowd immediately react to 'Immersed', the first track that was previewed from the album a few months ago, and the band react in kind with a stunning performance of this track bringing it absolutely to life. Continuing right through the album, we get to see all sides of the band and each song offers something new to appreciate as you watch the band perform. It is also definitely one of those shows where you take hold of your loved ones or those close to you and just appreciate life and all you've got, that a band have that power is something to behold. There's a well deserved, but ultimately planned, encore to the end the night before the band as a whole take a bow in front of their very satisfied audience. 
This is a night that all who attended will certainly remember for a long time to come and was the perfect way for Govanhill Baths to open their new performance venue, as well as a brilliant showcase of the two inaugural artists on the Comets and Cartwheels label. It is clear that is just the beginning for everyone involved and there can only be bigger, better, and certainly more different things on the way.  

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