Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Over the Wall are back!

After nearly a year away from playing together as band, Ben Hillman and Gav Prentice returned as Over The Wall at the Oran Mor on Friday as part of West End Festival. This isn't a review as such, I did thinking about writing one for this gig but since all I've really got is that it was the gig of the year so far, I figured best leave it to others who could provide a bit better picture of it for you. However the above video of Thurso shows that  a long time away from playing as band hasn't hampered Over the Wall at all. The   performance was blinding, featured the band's signature banter and the packed crowd went away suitably impressed, many who seemed as happy about the band's return as I was.

Here's to more performances like this in 2013. And, of course, more Over the Wall. 

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