Tuesday, 4 June 2013

GIG REVIEW: The Second Hand Marching Band at Gibson Street Gala 02/06/2013

I never intended on writing this when I left my flat to enjoy the sunshine and festivities at the Gibson Street Gala but having enjoyed myself so much, particularly at what I'm about to review, I decided to share.

The Second Hand Marching Band have been away for quite a while, and I haven't seen them in even longer, so this performance marked their return to the live scene (though many members have being playing in bands elsewhere) in the build up to the release of their first album. Having started out at 22 members, and usually playing with at least 16 these days , the band were 11-strong out on the street in the Sunday sunshine treating a fairly well established crowd to their greatest hits. With multi-talented members, and many layers throughout their songs, this band really show what Glasgow has to offer in terms of musical talent. Working their way through many dance numbers, and founding member Peter Liddle even finding his way into the crowd at one point, they leave the crowd with a warm and happy feeling on this beautiful day. 

I certainly hope I won't be waiting nearly as long between next seeing SHMB, they bring absolute happiness and joy to wherever they play and deserve to be more celebrated than they currently are, regardless of whether it's taken 4 years to finally get their first album done. We forgive you guys and we hope the album proves to be a big hit.

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