Friday, 24 May 2013

GIG REVIEW: Vigo Thieves at Broadcast 22/05/2013

Once again Broadcast played home to a launch night. On this cool Wednesday evening, a specially invited audience of family, friends and music types was there to witness Vigo Thieves  in an intimate showcase for the new 'Believe' single.

The proceedings were opened by The Calm Fiasco, whose rock pop punk got the crowd going early. Putting together a few medleys of covers and their own tracks, it's a short but sweet set. Their new song 'Sugar' is the highlight of the set, and shows they've got a chance to go bigger and better.

But this is night is all about Vigo Thieves and everyone knows it. From the get-go, they are welcomed loudly and with massive sing-alongs. They prove to be an accomplished live outfit, and put on quite the show. We are also treated to the special inclusion of a live saxophone on two songs, including on Ghosts, and this makes for a definite highlight. The single we're all there to celebrate 'Believe' is a big tune and goes down just as wonderfully as the rest of their set. The band have Broadcast literally bouncing for the majority of their show, and having brought two Canadian friends with me I definitely enjoyed being able to show them what a true Scottish get down at a gig is like. The crowd, not satisfied with the main set, use all their energy and power to bring the band back onto stage for a well deserved  and unplanned encore, and then make a point of stealing the show right at the end. 

This was Vigo Thieves' night though, and no matter how rowdy and excited the crowd were, it was the band who shone in the end, as it should be. Broadcast has been home to some brilliant launches this year, and this was definitely one of them.

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