Monday, 13 May 2013

GIG REVIEW: Cherri Fosphate EP Launch at Broadcast, Glasgow 11.05.2013

The cosy confines of Broadcast was home to yet another EP launch this weekend as Cherri Fosphate celebrated the release of 'Burning Youth'. And what a celebration it was.

The night was opened by This Silent Forest, who were a last minute fill-in for VsVs due to their demise. TSF's power indie could easily have filled Broadcast three times over, if not more. The band's performance is huge, with infectious guitar riffs and lyrical genius. In fact, the room would have been forgiven for believing they watching were a headliner. I certainly thought I was. With the release of their debut album due this Autumn, it is sure to be a big year for these guys and if Saturday's performance is anything to go by then they are going to make their mark in a huge way. 

Already on a uphill battle following that performance, The Monty Hall Problem took the stage next. A much younger band than TSF, it's clear there's still a lot to learn for them. I caught myself a few times when watching their set saying to myself that I'd heard a lot of their riffs before and my immediate reaction was to think of the scene in Treme where Annie T performs her first song to Steve Earle's Harley and he tells her how it is, "You changed the least you're stealing big." And that, my friends, is why the world is full of players. The band only have 5 songs to play, and this bodes well because one would hope they can find their own sound early on, rather than building on riffs out of other people's playbooks that they have already. 

With the room now fully packed out, it was time for our headliners, Cherri Fosphate to take the stage. Their live reputation proceeds them and they do not disappoint. Their songs take on a whole new life in the live setting, big riffs become even bigger and more infectious than on record. As they are celebrating the release of their 'Burning Youth' EP, all 4 songs on the EP make an outing and 'Wool' is a definite live highlight. We are also treated to an as-yet unnamed new song that bodes incredibly well for their future beyond this EP, it has the elements of all their previous efforts but shows definite advancement too and the crowd is thoroughly impressed. Their set comes to an end all too soon but the crowd is not done with them yet, chanting and cheering to bring them back for a well-deserved encore. The band tell us they don't think they are big enough encores yet but the reaction on Saturday night proved otherwise, and even though they spent more time in rehearsal talking about whether they'd get an encore rather than rehearsing 'Heart Without Strings' that they'd play for us, it still goes down brilliantly and ends the night on a high. This band are definitely going places.

There are lots of options in Glasgow on a Saturday night but I'm glad that this was mine. A brilliant celebration for an equally brilliant EP.

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