Tuesday, 28 May 2013


My blogging comrade The Pop Cop recently covered Linn Records and their Studio Masters, now I bring you Linn Loves - a new series to highlight the best up and coming and unsigned talent.

Linn Loves will be a fully encompassing series, featuring live reviews, articles, interviews and of course, for the first time Studio Masters from these artists. This series will allow industry professionals and music lovers alike to discover new artists, and learn more about championed unsigned talent.

What makes Linn Loves different is that it will be a full series on the artists, not just your usual 'Get to Know' article. With everything from live reviews, question and answers with the artists and their music to share, you'll be able to fully discover new talent and those behind it. It is going to offer a look into what it takes to create something unique, how to survive the tough music industry and just exactly what your favourite unsigned artists do to unwind.    

Linn Loves will debut soon at Linn Records

And if you think you've got something they might love, or know a local artist that deserves recognition then demos are still being accepted to linnloves@linnrecords.co.uk. So, by all means, get yourselves involved in a great project that will bring the best in new talent the exposure they deserve.

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