Friday, 10 May 2013

EP REVIEW: Burning Youth - Cherri Fosphate

Ready to make their mark on the Glasgow music scene, Cherri Fosphate release their 'Burning Youth' EP on May 11th via CTN Records.

The 4-track player is a good insight into what the indie-rock band can do. There's danceable tunes aplenty and anthems for the contemporary youth. The EP has the catchy hooks and infectious guitars that will grip listeners from the get-go, and is the key to successful indie-rock. The band have clearly drawn from a lot of influences but manage to make their own unique sound. 

The standout track is 'Wool', which whilst being the shortest of all the tracks on the EP makes the biggest impression and suggests that this band have a bright future ahead of them. It's a toe-tapping and danceable 2 and a half minutes and you can get it free via Soundcloud.

Cherri Fosphate launch 'Burning Youth' on May 11th at Broadcast in Glasgow. Details can be found via the Facebook event.

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