Monday, 28 October 2013

GIG REVIEW: Blood Relatives Album Launch 26.10.2013

The blog took a little holiday recently, whilst I also took a little holiday to the States, and so this Saturday was first review gig back and it was hosted once again by the excellent Comets and Cartwheels.

Taking place at the newly (re-)opened Bar & Fly on Clyde Street was the Blood Relatives 'Deerheart' album launch. The new Barfly, in the exact spot of the old one, has had a makeover but wants to offer the same exciting nightlife as before. However there is a problem here, the newly positioned stage on the main bar level stands right in front of the bar itself meaning all punters watching to watch the bands are forced to stand around the bar, blocking off an area that everyone would want easy access to and not allowing anyone a properly full view of the show. It's disappointing for a venue that was so well renowned in its original form, and helped launch so many bands. I certainly wouldn't rush to see a band there again, though the sound was great on the night, even from the back of the room away from the stage.

Support on the night comes from Kill the Waves and Pronto Mama, who amply warm up an ever-growing crowd before the headliners take the stage just after 10pm. Blood Relatives follow the long line of bands in 2013 who have risen from the ashes of a previous band (in this case Kitty the Lion) with a new look and new sound. The refreshed band bring so much energy and likability that it makes for a wonderful atmosphere on the night. Hampered a few times by the loud club downstairs, another strike against the new Barfly, the band perform their new album almost in full for the packed out crowd, who received the album with the price of their ticket in. All in all it makes for a wonderful deal and a great night of music. Blood Relatives start as they mean to go on with bright tunes that you can dance to and that stay with you long after the gig has ended. They can only build on this early success and have a bright future ahead of them.

'Deerheart' is released on Comets and Cartwheels today. An album review will be posted shortly. 

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