Thursday, 5 September 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: Breaks & Bone - RM Hubbert

Fresh off a SAY Award winning second album, RM Hubbert returns with his third release which sees him once again return to his solo guitar roots. Running at thirty six minutes for ten tracks, it is short and sweet but a gentle reminder how extremely talented Hubby is.

The album is made up of striking instrumentals that rival anything else released this year, as well the inclusion of Hubbert's vocals on each consecutive track. The strength of the album, for me, is definitely the instrumental tracks. It is joyous to see what one single man, his guitar and a few other DIY elements can produce. Music is a very strong medium for telling stories and Hubby is one of the best storytellers Scotland has.

'Feedback Loops', one of the tracks to include Hubby's vocals, is also a highlight. Lyrically, it is a beautiful track and the softness of his voice only lends to this, as well the usually stunning guitar. This is a track that will certainly stick with the listener long after you've played through the album. Definitely a standout track of the year, let alone this album.

This album could very well lead to the first repeat winner of the SAY Award as it is so strong, and so unique. A completely different album from its predecessor and yet one that has all the elements to reproduce its success. RM Hubbert can shine completely in his own light here and he absolutely deserves to. An incredible talent who has produced his third incredible album. 

'Breaks & Bone' is released September 27th on Chemikal Underground

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