Wednesday, 30 October 2013

ALBUM REVIEW: Deerheart - Blood Relatives

Blood Relatives' debut album 'Deerheart' is a 10-song, 38-minute pop tour-de-force. Here they showcase their ability to perform pop anthems and to write with striking lyrical genius.

Title track and lead single 'Deerheart' appears early in the album and is the perfect introduction to the debut. Lead vocalist Anna Meldrum shines through in the whole album but major credit should go to her on this one, and it is, like the rest, lyrically strong. 

For what might be considered a short album, it manages to make great impact and will stick with the listener long after first, and subsequent, listens. It is the kind of album that requests, nay demands, multiple listens and will improve your winter with the summery sounds. There's plenty of toe-tapping to be had throughout the length of the album and it's sure to be a big hit on the Scottish scene, and hopefully beyond.

Making a fresh start in 2013 as Blood Relatives is likely to lead this band to bigger and better things. This debut album has a great deal of promise and so much to love that I cannot see anything but a bright future, filled with their bright poppy tracks. I, for one, will certainly be listening for a long time.

'Deerheart' is available now on Comets and Cartwheels

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