Saturday, 5 January 2013

5 Visual Feasts from 2012

As an aspiring filmmaker myself, and someone who was always been interested in the visual medium and the stories you can tell, I have a special affinity for music videos. It's a unique format and there's always the chance to make a real impression with the right video.

The five videos I am going to mention here are the ones that connected with me the most last year and have stuck with me. This could be because of their emotional impact or because of a particularly memorable character or just pure visual pleasure.

In chronological release order, here's the videos:

Admiral Fallow - The Paper Trench

It's hard to forget The Tree Man and his journey around Glasgow, he certainly made his impression. Of the three videos Fallow released last year this definitely is my favourite because of the beauty of the journey of The Tree Man. 

Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital

I don't want to make this blog about these guys but State Hospital's music video had a very strong emotional impact on me. I have cried watching this video and I'm not afraid to admit it. Hand Held Cine Club have told such a strong story here and there's an immediate connection with the main character, you want her to fight, and to fight for her. 

Meursault - Dull Spark

Sometimes the strongest feature can be minimalism. This video is proof you don't need much to make something beautiful with an impact. Less is definitely more.

Second Shelter - Chasing Cars 

This one is definitely the most filmic of the lot, seems to have a lot of influence from Drive and a Gosling-esque lead. It's another less is more effort too, purely set around night driving scenes. 

So Many Animal Calls - She Was Speaking From The Bottom Of The Sea

Proof that not only do SMAC rock, but they can tell a story too. Good old Scottish bleakness coupled with a big track here. 

I'm ready for my eyes to be as pleased as my ears this year. 

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