Monday, 19 August 2013

NEW MUSIC: Romance - Mast.

Summer may be almost over, but not before another killer song with catchy hooks makes an appearance. And this time it's in the shape of brand new one-man DIY pop band, Mast..

Mast. is the new project from Liam Rutherford, previously of The Darien Venture, whose demise this year saddened me greatly. It is most wonderful to see the members of the band beginning to take new routes in music and produce such quality anthems as this.

The track debuted on The Pop Cop's Music Alliance Pact for August, where you can still download it for free. As an opening salvo for a band, Mast. have started with a track that has incredible replayability, along with a brilliant video to go with it and a stunningly catchy tune that has all the elements of a summer hit.

It's been a brilliant summer, and year, for Scottish music and this yet another show of strength from Glasgow's music scene. I, for one, certainly cannot wait to hear more where this came from. Don't keep us waiting too long, Liam!

You can listen to Romance and watch the video below:

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