Tuesday, 30 July 2013

SINGLE REVIEW: Cheen - Dante

It is, or should be, a well-known fact around these parts that when Andy Monaghan (of Frightened Rabbit fame) is mentioned, my ears immediately perk up. Yes, sad but true. 

And to that end, I got an email recently for the fine folks of Dante, who have been working with Andy on their debut album due out in the autumn. As an album sampler the band have released the track 'Cheen', 3-minutes of alt-folk-rock fusion that is ear candy for all.

The track builds on the band's debut EP, featuring a sound that is more grand and a sign of things to come. As an out-and-out fan of folk in all forms, I was bopping along from the first listen and can report that the track has brilliant replay-ability. It's been on repeat a few times in the last few weeks whilst I have neglected this poor blog. If you're looking for a song that you can bop along to, as well as connect with on an emotional level then you'll find it right here. Certainly for a choice as an album sampler, the band know what they're doing.

I certainly cannot wait to hear more from these guys, and if Brazil Exists is anything to go by then Andy sure knows how to pick bands with bright futures ahead of them.

You can listen to, and download at your price, Cheen below.

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