Friday, 22 March 2013

REVIEW: Now That You Are A Dancer - Kid Canaveral

The self-released 'Shouting at Wildlife' was 2010's much acclaimed indie-pop debut album from Fife's Kid Canaveral and now they're back with their sophomore album, 'Now That You Are A Dancer', on Fence Records. 

Not only have the band dodged the dreaded sophomore slump, they've successfully defeated the big boss and achieved victory by producing an album that's stronger and bolder than their debut. 

The 10-track player showcases the songwriting talent of David MacGregor and proves he is one of the best lyricists Scotland currently has to offer. Album closers 'So Sad, So Young' and 'A Compromise' are of particular note for exhibiting the strength in the songwriting that this band have to offer.

There's also a lot to be said for the fact that one of the album's standout tracks is a contribution from fellow band member Kate Lazda, 'Skeletons', which is darker than most KC! tracks and stylistically departed from what we expect from them but still very fitting within their model. If you need proof that KC! are much more than just indie-pop singles then this track will set you straight.

'Now That You Are A Dancer' features the indie-pop goodness we have come to expect from Kid Canaveral in spades whilst also displaying the growth in the band since their self-released debut. It may only be March but we have one of our contenders for Album of the Year.

You can purchase 'Now That You Are A Dancer' via Fence Records on CD and LP. It was released on March 4th 2013.

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